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It is an unwritten law that you cannot get married without flowers. Flowers are the essence of a beautiful wedding day celebration. Flowers are a three-dimensional element of your decorating strategy. Because they are beautiful, elegant, and provide a wonderful scent, flowers satisfy all senses. The flowers you select should complement everything else at your wedding. Its colours should complement not just your dress. The colours of your flowers work with the colours of the decor of your reception site and the ceremony location.

Unless you are lucky enough to be a florist, you'll need to hire one. The florist should be experienced with wedding arrangements, and you'll be hard-pressed to find one that isn't. Make sure your florist is able to deliver, install, and remove the arrangements at the end of your event. Even though many reception halls can recommend a florist to you, you should do your homework. Ask for references, and be sure to follow up. It may be tempting to hire a florist without check references, but it could also be irresponsible.

Your wedding flowers should complement the season, your wedding dress, and your colour scheme. Your wedding flowers should also complement your attendants' attire and the style of your wedding. Before you talk to your florist, prepare a list of wedding flowers you'll need. It will help focus your discussions and help you stay within your wedding budget.

When you plan the flower arrangements with your florist, she should be able to recommend arrangements based on the size and location of your wedding. Ask to see photos of previous wedding arrangements - Don't accept generic photos of flower arrangements, insist on seeing the work of the florist.-, which will give you a feel for their creative qualities and what you can expect to see on your wedding day. It is even better if you arrive prepared with some pictures and magazine cutouts with your ideas. You don't have to take the florist's advice on everything, be part of the decision making process. If you feel strongly about a certain flower or colour, it should worth fighting for it. It is your wedding, and you are the customer. You have to feel good about your flower arrangements. Your day is about you.

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