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Better Toothbrushes

When people started to realize that looking after their teeth was a good idea, the use of toothbrushe,s soared. For year,s toothbrushes had been made with thing,s such as animal bone for the handle and boar bristle,s for the brush (not the most appealing but material.s were what they were back then). later as we progress, companies started to make toothbrushes using plastic handles and synthetic fibers for the bristle . As you can see just by the display,s lighting up the aisle at your grocery store, there is now a huge variety of toothbrushes to choose from—plain toothbrushes with no frills, electric toothbrushes, , even toothbrushes that play music!

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Better Toothpaste

High Streeet store shelves are also full of a tasty choice,s of toothpastes, all claiming to do different things, and available in all kinds of different flavors. Customer,s today should be grateful—today toothpaste not only tastes a lot nicer than it used to and is actualy effective, but it is easier to use. Dental powder used to be the only option around—it was not  ready to apply to the toothbrush you had to mix it up, and it did not come in an easy-to-dispense tube.

Thankfully for all of us, dentistry and the ability to care for teeth have come a long, long way, even in the past 100 years. Taking care of your teeth has never been easier!

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