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Normaly, you will most certainly have to put your bag,s and packet,s in the hold. This is the case for most flight,s.Sports equipment, including tennis rackets, walking sticks or crampons  are not allowed to come in the cabin with you. The only exception is a sports parachute, which is allowed on board.


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Liquids over 100ml are generally not allowed in the cabin, however there are some exceptions, e.g if you’re travelling with babies or small children. , if you’re intending on carrying a traditional pot of brined olives from Spain or a selection of preserve,s de francais on the flight, you’ll have to check in a bag to carry it with you. Unfortunately, soft cheese is also not permitted on the flight, whereas hard cheese usually is. Any sort of caramel or truffle filled chocolate is allowed but must fit inside your 100ml liquids bag.

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