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Wearable,s, or "tech tog,s", the latest fashion electronics, hi tech mode,electronic, back to the future style jacket,s? kind of , rings ...yes and glasses of course ,  but back to the jacket,s , Levis whom we all know and love , have come together with google ,creating Project Jacquard, a hidden away group of engineer,s and fashion/culture guru,s who very lovingly weave google,s synthetic, ultra futuristic technology into quality "fashion electronic,s"readmore


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The first wearable computer was shown in the sixties by Thrope and Shannon; a cigarette-pack sized analogue computer with four buttons, it calculated the speed of a roulette wheel and sent back predicted results to an earpiece . However the consumer wearable,s market hadn,t started until the mid-1970’s with the release of calculator watches such as HP’s 01 (Rhodes, 2001). As devices at this time were driven by the miniaturisation of electronics with technology becoming 100 times smaller each decade , watches were a popular starting point for wearable technology as expanded user capabilities could be achieved without precluding ‘wearability’ . Evolving from this came one of the wearable technologie,s industries first major successes, the Casio Databank watch  it was capable of storing contact information and went on to sell almost six million of them..

The last year,s has seen a huge increase in the number of tech firms that have released, or are planning to release, wearable technology  devices in the hope that these products will become the next leap in tech fashion.

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